Worldwide call to photographers, filmmakers, musicians and artists

We have launched a new hashtag that will be available to artists, whether they are amateurs or professionals: #nofeenocontent

What is it about?

You all know this: a company, a magazine, a TV channel, an NGO or a private person gets in touch with you because they are interested in your photographs, films, compositions or something else, but when it comes to discussing payment, they reject it clearly. Instead you are told how incredible the advertising effect will be for you. It’s the same scenario over and over again. Over the past years this has led to the problem that artists are no longer able to make a living selling their art. The value of photography, film, music and other art has reached its lowest point ever.

Now, you can shake your head and say: ‘Hey, but it’s been this way for decades. We have an oversupply of good content and significantly fewer customers. There will always be someone giving it away for free or under value.’ YES, that’s definitely true, BUT thanks to social networks, we artists have the much underused opportunity to defend each other and connect with each other.
Simply saying that it has always been this way and accepting it is NOT the solution.
We, the supporters of this campaign, want to send the global market a clear signal that we prefer NOT to sell, rather than sell under value. Only in this way can we give our work more value in the long run (emotionally and financially).

Where do we insert the new hashtag?

Actually on all digital platforms, where we publish our works. (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, …)—The more we connect, the better!

Preach water and drink wine?

Using the hashtag #nofeenocontent means taking a clear position on the market. Artists using this hashtag stand for the motto better to NOT SELL than give away for free. This opinion applies above all to amateurs. Most amateur photographers, filmmakers or musicians think their work has little or even no value; that is WRONG. The value of art is measured by its quality and not by whether or not it is made by a professional artist.

Prefer NOT SELLING it instead of giving it for free: #nofeenocontent